What is it?

The product

BABYVISIBLE is a queue management solution for all pregnant women over three months who the health care insurance fund gave the pregnancy calendar to.

 BABYVISIBLE consists of :

  • a transmitter : free mobile app

  • a receiver : a luminous and sound box put in the cash register, which warns the cashier and the other people in the queue that a person has priority.

The cashier must then ask the non-disabled people to give up their place to the person who activated the device.

I use a psychological help process in which the pregnant woman no longer needs to ask their place to the people who are before them in the queue. Asking your place as many times as there are people in front of you can be a real ordeal, especially if there are negative and abusive comments. Consequently the process also becomes physical. Since the person passes more quickly, thus they suffer less from waiting in the queue.

The BABYVISIBLE device is easy to use, small but effective. It can be seen by the cashier / receptionist who cannot look at every moment in the queue if a person asks for priority. People who are in the queue and get ready to give up their place can also see it.

visuel app babyvisible

I insist on the fact it will be small because it can be adapted in any establishment open to the public : stores, pharmacies, town halls, administrative offices, stations, airports, amusement parks and rides access, concert halls and theatres,etc …

Concerning the hypermarkets and supermarkets, it can be seen in the butchers, cheese shops, fish counters, where you often wait a very long time in the busiest periods.

A portable terminal version will be also offered for one-time events such flea markets with stands, outdoor concerts, food trucks,…

The use of a single transmitter for each person allows the device to be triggered in any equipped establishment. The user can even trigger the device with the same transmitter in the neighbouring departments if they go on weekends, as well as anywhere in France when they go on holidays.

The people who agreed to take part in the test, which has already been carried out, were enthusiastic about this device.
They see it as a real help and a support in their situation.