My name is Maïté FERDINAND, mother of two children and I have had an unusual life.

Following various health problems, and having DHDP recognition (Departmental House for Disabled Persons), I encountered difficulties in some daily life situations, particularly passing through queues. In fact, it is very difficult for me to have a prolonged static standing position.

Do you know how a priority person proceeds in a queue?

You step into a priority queue. You have to take out your card which proves you have priority. Then you must ask for your place to the people in front of you and provide proof of your physical condition as many as there are people in front of you. You can also call out the cashier or the receptionist but this is generally not discreet. In some public places, priority checkouts are closed. In other public places, priority queues are nonexistent.

Many priority people do not dare take out their card, to ask for their place for fear of people’s gaze, of conflicts (since these situations often happen). Some people prefer waiting, with physical pain, or taking another checkout instead of enduring unpleasant situations.

So I decided to look for a solution which is suited to the different disabilities and would be located in all the public places.

Many months passed between the time I had the idea, the time I decided to talk about it and the time I decided to start the project. I was lucky to meet kind people on my way, who believed in me and who believed in my project and its usefulness. I have met people in the same situation, people who physically and psychologically suffer from all these situations which make them feel demeaned.


So that this never happens again, I decided to carry my  project through to completion
and I am very proud to develop HANDIVISIBLE and BABYVISIBLE for all the people who need them.